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Digital Age Curriculum

Posted by jturner56 on May 26, 2013

Working on what a Digital Age Curriculum should consider.

Appreciate any feedback

A Digital Age Curriculum

A Checklist for evaluating your
curriculum to see how well it meets the demands of the Digital Age

For each, evidence is important





Development of competency in
literacy tools?







Digital Feedback systems for



Information Literacy Curriculum




Global Awareness and Connection




Personal Ownership of Learning
that asks

       – where are you at (reflection)

       – where do you want to go? (Dreams)

       – what are you good at? (Ability)

       – what do you want to get better at? (Interest)




A Planned curriculum that

         – is personalized

         – inspires creativity

– develops respectfulness (for yourself, for each other, for your communities)



Assesses for improvement

         – questioning

 – communication

– collaboration

– problem solving (skill)

– positive citizenship




Personal development of

         – perseverance

         – adaptability

         – resilience

         – flexibility




Developmental 5-18 (Blooms,
Piaget) appropriate for the individual (not standardised)

         – cognitive

         – affective

         – physical

– social (teacher-student






Digital Inclusive

         – online inquiry

         – online courses

         – coding (cognitive)

         – iFolios (communication)

         – workplace tools.  

– collaboration (Google Doc)





         – coherence

– compassion

– constructive competition (to better oneself, one’s communities)




Technical Systems that are

         – at hand

– ubiquitous

– at hand support

– foster relationship building

– inter-connected for effectiveness

         – personalisable




    – efficient digital record
keeping systems










One Response to “Digital Age Curriculum”

  1. Woah, don’t know if that is even the correct spelling for the word! Presently we are in the planning stages only of our Information Literacy curriculum at ISL in Doha. We are also undergoing dual accreditation with CIS/NEASC so I know we’ve got to get moving with putting some documentation together. Maybe a year from now (which would probably be way too late for you) I could begin to answer some of your queries… Is this collection of feedback from a student’s perspective or adult learners/teachers? I like the section on Personal Ownership of Learning! All the best with your collection of feedback and I hope most of the populous who receive this have a better response than me.


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