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Igniting vision at ISTE June 2012 Annual Conference

Posted by jturner56 on May 25, 2012

Recently I posted the  video below on the ISTE 2012 Conference Ning.
It’s available at
ISTE ignite are 5 minute sessions where 20 slides are presented over 15 seconds each to ignite thinking in key digital education areas.
My aim was the engender some feedback to improve the thinking on the importance of vision to broaden digital literacy horizons.

Your response / input would be appreciated and of value.


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Balancing teacher freedom for innovation within systemic school structures

Posted by jturner56 on May 16, 2012

This snapshot is from a Grade 3 student’s use of Sketch-up to create a model of the school (see below for an actual photo). The actual Sketch-up 3D file cannot be uploaded for “security reasons.”

The impressive digital work highlights several educational issues, including

  1. How much time and freedom should be given to teachers to support student individual work which builds on their digital passions?
  2. How much diversity in this to build on teacher passions?
  3. The role of teamwork to share ideas and support teacher, and student learning
  4. How does the curriculum best and progressively build on these learning outcomes



These are discussions to be had if we truly want to progress collaboration, creativity and curriculum in our school learning environments.

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Values of learning

Posted by jturner56 on May 4, 2012

This past weekend I was fortunate to attend the Apple Educational Leaders Summit in Geneva. While I could wax lyrical about the city, I also want to acknowledge the contribution that the summit made to my thinking about learning and it’s relationship to all things digital.

For a start my report to the school drew heavily on the Twitter hashtag #els12, which also provides a digital trace for those who wished to see what transpired.

The focus of the summit, Challenge Based Learning (for more see is strongly aligned to our school focus on using digital technologies to support authentic purpose (which in turn is a key International Baccalaureate trait). This points once again to the educational value of the question “what can you do with that?” (learning).

As we look for educational value beyond the answer: “pass a test”, using CBL, eportfolios and authentic curriculum-related projects all provide an avenue to link educational value with better futures.

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