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What value digital for learning?

Posted by jturner56 on June 2, 2013

Bringing together what appears to be a wide range of digital considerations this week, which include

I can only continue to say that use of digital tools still depends on what learning is valued and in what ways.

Be it iPads, BYOD, eportfolios, online or whatever, after 30 years we still have not crossed any rubicon of cultural understanding of how to honestly value digital tools and digital learning environments, and what this means to schooling.

A key issue remains as to what is meant by personal learning in a digital age, and how schools and teachers either seek to add value, leverage, or separate from it. There is still much work to be done at all levels.

A good approach to analysis may be that provided in a article on Global Warming, which analysed according to 5 characteristics

1) Cherry picking;
2) Fake experts;
3) Misrepresentation and logical fallacies.
4) Impossible expectations of what research can deliver; and
5) Conspiracy theories;

In education perhaps instead of science denialism we can also include political self-serving (as in personal) pragmatism.


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