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Innovation, Innovators and School

Posted by jturner56 on June 11, 2017

Have been a bit busy on in-school things and other writing so not as much blogging of late. But have finished one paper – Innovation, Innovators and School – which can be found on Its abstract sums up its intent:

Innovation, Transformation. Oft heard words that mean different things to different people. In this paper an analysis of what innovation means to schools draws on a range of competing ideas to identify questions and possibilities that go with an interest in developing innovators in schools. A three part interrelated approach to innovation highlights the need to consider change processes, the teaching of innovative thinking, as well as the provision of opportunities to advance students as active agents of their own learning, if students as innovators is a goal

Next year will be one of translating this into opportunities for students and teachers. In the meantime the best of summer breaks for all northern hemisphere teacher.


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