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Digital Learning Infusion @ Canadian International School HK – a review

Posted by jturner56 on June 10, 2013

The following review was discussed at the recent Learning Technologies Council meeting and was provided through the Learning and Teaching Technologies blog.

It is replicated here to share to a wider audience. Feedback as always appreciated:

The digital learning infusion (DLI) vision at Canadian International School of Hong Kong (CDNIS) is that “digital technologies enable opportunities for Greater Active Student Learning that is valued, visible, connected and progressive.” This is in support of the school mission of “developing responsible global citizens and leaders through academic excellence.”

The DLI aim is to support

  • flexibility in line with increasing teacher expertise and diversity
  • a curriculum approach supported by a scope and sequence provided through
    role of ICT in PYP IB document
    MYP Design Technology curriculum
  • targeted use of learning and teaching technologies (ltt) to advance learning opportunities relevant for school responsibilities and effective learning
  • students as digital creators and digitally literate learners in line with Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy and the ISTE NETs.

DLI key words are reflected in curriculum actions

valued learning and teaching technologies (ltt) provide curriculum value At CDNIS Moodle is used to extend classroom resources and interactions. We have also implement new technologies such as iPads and Minecraft through a curriculum focus.
visible students and teachers use ltts to reach and interact with wider audiences At CDNIS WordPress is used by all LS teachers to communicate beyond the classroom.

Moodle extends access to digital resources and learning beyond the physical classroom.

connected collaboration, global contacts and links between teachers are enhanced by ltts At CDNIS Google Docs is used to facilitate teacher collaboration.

LTT change is predicated on team approaches.

Global projects are supported.

progressive opportunities for teachers and students to build knowledge and create authentic products are supported through ltts At CDNIS student iFolios are linked to IB AOI and subject thinking.

i.Stor.ees support student conferencing as part of the Diploma Programme.

A Digital Literacy Certificate for CDNIS teachers has been implemented.

As part of the DLI plan, the following “we’ll know we are where we want to be when…..” was formulated:


By 2014-15

Progress Includes

Learning Students and teachers can select and apply learning digital technologies in constructive, dynamic ways integral to the academic curriculum

Recorded and Available Learning Journeys, such as eportfolios, for all students for personal and academic value

Google Apps introduced


Computer Gaming and iPad implementations


iFolios introduced into Grades 7-8

Curriculum: PYP, MYP, DP Recognized by IB as exemplary in use of digital technologies in curriculum delivery CDNIS trialling MYP Design

DP IB.eyes parent conferencing with student iFolios

Apple Distinguished School standing

Student Achievement Students can demonstrate what they can do and take on as responsible digital learners and citizens in global environments

Appropriate assessment systems to value the digital learning being facilitated at CDNIS

Student iFolios

Student Digital Ambassadors

Moodle used to record assessments

4Cs + ML +IL + DC  “Learning in the 21stC” Comprehensive, integrated “digital literacy curriculum” in line with PYP, MYP and DP objectives Role of ICT in PYP and Design Technology curriculums used.

Digital Citizenship RUA review

Information Literacy Review started

Assessment Digital products assessed for form and content (and process) integrated across curriculums


MYP Design Technology assessment strengthened.

Role of ICT in PYP scaffolded skills checklists

Distance Learning Blended learning pathways for independent student learning and university preparation


Digital Ambassadors have trialed MOOCs

Moodle used beyond school

Teacher Learning Visible Professional Growth in teacher digital literacies

Teacher certification

Connected Team Approaches

SUNY Masters level Certificate of Educational Technology

Digital Literacy Certificate trial

Resourcing Secure, reliable, fast, at-hand digital technology systems appropriate for school and home access as a transparent tool School network and wif-fi to be upgraded
Library as a state-of-the-art information and media hub


iPad management and ebook use

Upgrading of learning spaces

Information Literacy developments

Learning Spaces appropriate for teaching and learning in contemporary digital learning environments Redevelopment of Rooms 701/702

707 and 706 to be re-developed

Access to IT support by teachers and students strengthened.

There is still much to do in the final year of the DLI plan and input from teachers, students, parents and from beyond are always welcomed.



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What value digital for learning?

Posted by jturner56 on June 2, 2013

Bringing together what appears to be a wide range of digital considerations this week, which include

I can only continue to say that use of digital tools still depends on what learning is valued and in what ways.

Be it iPads, BYOD, eportfolios, online or whatever, after 30 years we still have not crossed any rubicon of cultural understanding of how to honestly value digital tools and digital learning environments, and what this means to schooling.

A key issue remains as to what is meant by personal learning in a digital age, and how schools and teachers either seek to add value, leverage, or separate from it. There is still much work to be done at all levels.

A good approach to analysis may be that provided in a article on Global Warming, which analysed according to 5 characteristics

1) Cherry picking;
2) Fake experts;
3) Misrepresentation and logical fallacies.
4) Impossible expectations of what research can deliver; and
5) Conspiracy theories;

In education perhaps instead of science denialism we can also include political self-serving (as in personal) pragmatism.

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