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A simple change management system for schools

Posted by jturner56 on May 29, 2014

“Simplicity is a great virtue but it requires hard work to achieve it and education to appreciate it. And to make matters worse: complexity sells better.” 
 Edsger Wybe Dijkstra

Been a bit tardy lately blogging as have been focused finishing off a study looking at assessing digital literacy.

As I contemplated associated questions I realised there were some simple guidelines to help propel effective change management.

Four questions

  • What are our Expectations?
  • How to we Measure against these expectations?
  • What do we want to Improve?
  • What do we really Value? (as in Priorities)

If these aren’t clear then in fast changing times with increased choice, information overload, and ever-present noise one should not be surprised if change leaks like a sieve (an observation sure to be communicated clearly by those so inclined). Of course even with these questions up front, the process can then go anywhere. For example, try putting regarding Digital Literacy as a tail to each question. I rest my case.Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 3.18.09 PM


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