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Digital Age Curriculum

Posted by jturner56 on May 26, 2013

Working on what a Digital Age Curriculum should consider.

Appreciate any feedback

A Digital Age Curriculum

A Checklist for evaluating your
curriculum to see how well it meets the demands of the Digital Age

For each, evidence is important





Development of competency in
literacy tools?







Digital Feedback systems for



Information Literacy Curriculum




Global Awareness and Connection




Personal Ownership of Learning
that asks

       – where are you at (reflection)

       – where do you want to go? (Dreams)

       – what are you good at? (Ability)

       – what do you want to get better at? (Interest)




A Planned curriculum that

         – is personalized

         – inspires creativity

– develops respectfulness (for yourself, for each other, for your communities)



Assesses for improvement

         – questioning

 – communication

– collaboration

– problem solving (skill)

– positive citizenship




Personal development of

         – perseverance

         – adaptability

         – resilience

         – flexibility




Developmental 5-18 (Blooms,
Piaget) appropriate for the individual (not standardised)

         – cognitive

         – affective

         – physical

– social (teacher-student






Digital Inclusive

         – online inquiry

         – online courses

         – coding (cognitive)

         – iFolios (communication)

         – workplace tools.  

– collaboration (Google Doc)





         – coherence

– compassion

– constructive competition (to better oneself, one’s communities)




Technical Systems that are

         – at hand

– ubiquitous

– at hand support

– foster relationship building

– inter-connected for effectiveness

         – personalisable




    – efficient digital record
keeping systems










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Escaping Education’s Death Valley is a matter of perspective

Posted by jturner56 on May 19, 2013

Ken Robinson’s How to escape education’s death valley has been doing the rounds. While imbued with his usual folksy charm and humanistic touch points it nevertheless, through it’s title and critique of schooling, shares much with protestations that school as a system is irredeemably broken or at least perverse.

While we have much to learn from reminders of the powerful potential of human diversity, curiosity and creativity, we need to also be asking ourselves if it is so obvious why is schooling bereft of such intents. Easy to target bureaucrats, unions, perceived teacher incompetency, computer companies, liberal weakness, conservative stagnation or any other political opponents. Far harder to look at education as a mirror of our own weaknesses and future potential. If irredeemably broken what does it say about us?

Every school beats within it a potential for a better future but, as the old adage reminds us, it takes a village to raise a child. What is needed is more constructive honest leadership at all levels. Ken Robinson’s ideas are a useful adjunct but the core question remains what future do we envisage for ourselves and our community (and to what extent is this clear)? It is, and has always been, a constant in the human condition.

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Where do schools go in the Digital Age?

Posted by jturner56 on May 4, 2013

Readings this past week or so brought together two core questions for me

  1. Are we in a Digital Age?
  2. If so what are the characteristics needed for schools?

Depending on your answer to the first question, you will read what follows in different ways. From my perspective I believe we are in a Digital Age and this has important ramifications for schools, teachers and learning values. I may not be as radical, revolutionary, or transformative as some others, and I’ll leave calls for fundamental rethinks to them, but I do feel what schooling for a Digital Age needs to encompass is already before us.

From a personal perspective, I see Digital Age Schools as needing

  • an at-hand ubiquitous network
  • instant availability of information requiring new emphases on information literacies
  • an evolving curriculum that builds into and onto cognitive development greater commitments to global cultural understanding as well as local social learning
  • development of personal learning networks (PLNs) reflecting interconnected values
  • appreciation that all students have much to offer to advance their own learning and the learning of others
  • commitment to lifelong learning attributes as more than convenient words, for teachers and students
  • an appreciation of the realities of Digital Citizenship; individual differences can be amplified by digital tools and environments for good and bad (like all tools).
  • understanding how digitally produced information feedback systems can be used to enhance teaching and learning
  • commitment to a balanced approach to learning, play and communication that appreciates the affective, the physical and the cognitive
  • understanding that contextual learning is more powerful with digital technologies and the personal attuned to this

In all this the computer is a learning machine; for personal learning constructions, learning connections and development of literacies relevant to the Digital Age. How far such a learning opportunity will be allowed to take us is still before us.

Evolution will be more dynamic than the hierarchically structured past allowed, but much that was valued in the late-industrial era that spawned the digital age will still be valued (including integrity, persistence, focus, flexibility, purposeful creativity). Change speeds though are amped up and specializations are as much about the team as about the individual. The Digital Age is both hyper-individualistic and hyper-connected.

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