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10 experience based Rules for when I’m working with digital.

Posted by jturner56 on August 25, 2017

This week I managed to interact with a range of understandings built up over many years. Here are the ten from this past week (which shows the diverse range of interactions one can have:

  1. Social Problem Solving Matters (we learn from each other)
  2. Multi-Tasking Matters (Not the one where you try and juggle multi-jobs in your head all at once. It’s the one where you have multi-jobs to get done and have to work out how best to organise time (which is always limited))
  3. What you put online can go anywhere (which is why we have a digital citizenship curriculum).
  4. GIGO – garbage in, garbage out (so think and plan before creating)
  5. File Types matter (do you know the difference between .jpg and a .psd?)
  6. Search trumps cataloging (in either case file naming is critical)
  7. Data should only have to be entered once into a digital system (to have to retype means an inefficient system. To have to relocate an often used link is inefficient).
  8. Be warned, manual data entry is a brain killing job (which is the only reason why others might try and get you to do it – run away)
  9. Digital Change affects how we learn and how we educate (Whether you’re a Digital Native or Immigrant or whatever, how you adapt and can add value defines your relationship with Digital)
  10. Being able to question (effectively) matters (without this there is no critical thinking)

Some are from the 80s, some from more current times. Some deal with data. Some with people. Some with systems. (can you date them?)

Which ones might you add?


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