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Overcoming Misconception through Education

Posted by jturner56 on January 16, 2017

Reading This Is Why You Hate Me – Dave Pell – Medium  highlighted the importance of considering cultural difference and context when trying to educate students about the wider world.

Reminded me of a Conference I participated in in 2009 (FlatClassroom), when a group of  students from Georgia in the United States worked with Middle Eastern students (and from Australia and other countries) in Doha, Qatar for a week on film making as groups. All were is awe with how much they had in common with each other. And from this grew cross-cultural understanding and respect.

As educators we must be mindful of the importance of understanding culture and context when engaging in educating for critical thinking. We can but open eyes to critical understanding and to help forge meaningful connections. Long may educators support this and be constantly reminded of what is possible and needed. This is our contribution to  abetter connected world.

PS…also interesting to note the range of comments, reflective of how humans can commit to supporting or attacking any idea. As always, the human condition. Technology just provides a window, if not a vehicle, for such thoughts. Perhaps in the end better to be public than hidden…but likely we’re going to find out if so in the not too distant future.


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