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Digital Age Necessities for School

Posted by jturner56 on May 23, 2016

Seems at times we are being swept along by competing interests and overloaded hyper-connectivity. At one end of the spectrum of digital’s relationship with learning we have calls for digital-enabling revolution. At the other gatekeepers of a system forged and entrenched pre-digital. The realities are much more complicated and multi-dimensional than this.

diged spectrumMeanwhile Schools and Teachers are left to contend, with many problems brushed over by marketing, self-interest promotion, or winds of political expediency.

What, then, are the necessities for any school as an institution in such times?
From my perspective this should include:

  1. Recognition of each school as a Social Community that is best built through Respect by example.
  2. Schools, representing the Present, are at the Intersection of Past and Future. Curriculum needs to appreciate this. Digital considerations require inclusion of Inquiry, Projects and a Digital Literacy Curriculum.
  3. Schools are a Teacher-Centric system, yet Student Focused system. Connected Teachers matter as the builders of the learning environment. Teachers inclusion and development matters.
  4. Digital has a personal aspect and can be a distraction, the degree to which depend. School, nevertheless, need to be in the business of Focus Building for Adaptable times.
  5. This needs to include coming to grips with Personal and Social Learning opportunities and challenges that Digital provides.
  6. Leadership is a multi-dimensional consideration. By example. By inclusion of teachers and students. By active partnerships across the school community, (including parents). Committed to building a Shared Vision allied to a workable Strategic Plan.
  7. Student well-being matters – valuing rest, time-out, choice, feeling supported and empowered to became independent, connected learners. To find a good balance.
  8. Teacher well-being also matters (See (1) above)
  9. Education should be empowering, not a matter of trying to satisfy short-term ends for teachers or students.
  10. Learning in schools therefore needs to evolve to include and value the question:  what can you make with that learning? (beyond grades or test scores) Both in digital and non-digital realms.

We have a way to go. But is has always been thus. Viva Education.


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