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Value Making or Miss the Opportunity

Posted by jturner56 on May 16, 2016

This week I have had the opportunity to work with some teachers in the Middle East on how Digital Literacy can be approached to help progress teacher and student learning. After last working with a  similar group three years ago, what I first noticed was how much teacher digital literacy has advanced over that time (something I have also noticed in other places).

What also was apparent were the limitations they had to work with in schools when it comes to digital. Limitations in school vision, objectives, curriculum, assessment….

When I see contentions that digital is failing education, be it from digital visionaries or ‘leading’ academics, I am reminded of how far we still have to go. Recent Jisc research points to the digital literacy gap we as educations should be bridging.

Until we are willing to both implement a valued Digital Literacy curriculum, and value what students can Make with their Learning, we are limited by the grade-focused value systems, and will continue to get only so far, despite the good efforts and good intentions of many.

Working with teachers shows the system still has a way to go.


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