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Educating for a dual world

Posted by jturner56 on June 12, 2015

Another school year has come and gone. As one departing teacher noted, “the days are long but the years are short.”

As someone who sees both learning and educating as Socratic journeys, I look back at this past year and see as my most significant understanding an appreciation of the need to educate for a dual world – one in which the physical and the digital have become increasingly intertwined.

How you see this, though, will be affected by which lens you adopt

  • Education through Socratic Inquiry, Plato’s search for perfect forms, or Aristotle’s means to an end (with appropriate consideration of the heart)?
  • Change, including Digital, as Piagetian assimilation or accommodation (or disequilibrium)?
  • Digital as a tool for productivity, as a tutor for content delivery, as a skinner environment, or as part of a tutee meta-cognitive learning relationship
  • whether you see a personal digital learning device as optional or integral to Digital Age learning through inquiry
  • How much rear-view window consideration of school education legacies balance against the hopes for a better future and digital learning for a digital age with needs for adaptability, connected creativity, increased lifelong formal learning, and community building.

For the digital part of the world we inhabit we need to continue as educators to develop better learning environments that meet educational needs (which includes having to sway those who might prefer to look elsewhere). Environments that draw on

  • Play and inquiry
  • Digital literacy skills
  • Problem and Project based blended learning
  • Authentic and meaningful connections
  • Building conceptual depth of understanding
  • Personal, connected and enterprise growth opportunities
  • Building social and community strength

At the heart of education though is the balance sought. Relationships built. Futures explored.  Commitment to Student empowered learning (and leading by example).

May your journey continue with heart (after a well earned break for all educators wherever you are on the road).

Until August


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