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Where are you when it comes to Digital in Education?

Posted by jturner56 on January 11, 2015

I’ve had the opportunity to revisit how best to approach digital in a school. What I have found is

  • it’s not about this or that technology, it’s about what is valued.
  • personal learning considerations are increasing through mobile learning
  • but school education remains primarily a people business (with all our idiosyncrasies and cultural baggage)Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 12.40.09 pm

As Angela McFarlane (2015) reminds us “having access to machines in a school will not of itself bring about changes in pedagogic practice” (p139)

Visually I found these are choices we may encounterInteresting when I compare to a recent Government advice, such as that provided by Western Australian Government in Digital Education – Making Change Happen. They list 10 elements for developing an accomplished school:

  1. Personalising and extending student learning
  2. Enabling leadership
  3. Supporting professional learning
  4. Connecting learning beyond the school
  5. Improving student assessment and reporting
  6. Developing, measuring and monitoring ICT capabilities
  7. Accessing and utilising student information
  8. Providing, accessing and managing teaching and learning resources
  9. Automating business processes
  10. Providing reliable infrastructure

Maybe I’m just looking from the inside out. What do you think? To me it’s an ongoing conversation where we need to filter against what each educator means when they discuss digital in education.


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