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Learning and the Brain: Teaching self-aware minds

Posted by jturner56 on February 19, 2014

Last week I attended a Learning and the Brain Conference.

The following is a personal take away

Learning and the Brain Conference: Teaching Self-Aware Minds: Using Brain Science to Boost Social and Emotional Skills 

The conference featured a series of presentations by neuroscience researchers and related psychologists and social educators.

While neuroscience is still in its infancy it is increasingly seeing value in mapping and supporting social interactions as a basis for learning.

From Boomers to iGen, many of the basics of parenting and teaching (ie developing relationships, relevant goals, setting boundaries) have not changed. What has changed is the how digital media washes over everything and has affected expectations, demands, needs and relationships. (The conference provided little if anything on cognition through construction).

An approach to social and emotional education requires

  • building emotional strength by understanding and addressing student needs

  • educating students to the the changes being wrought by their tech use

  • generating tasks that strengthen social and emotional attributes

  • valuing the importance of tribe development

  • evaluating opportunity costs (including preparing students for the digital media rich world). This needs to consider
    – values, attitudes, skills
    – decision-making
    – relationship building

  • Teaching in the 21st Century through showing the way.

2 Responses to “Learning and the Brain: Teaching self-aware minds”

  1. Always a pleasure to read your thoughts and hear about your great PD opportunities. Wanted you to know I’m going to be a bit closer to you – wish I was actually going to your school but was offered a job as primary teacher/librarian at a brand new school opening in August 2014 called Keystone Academy in Beijing. All the best and hope your year is going well – hoping that they will have the College of the North Atlantic ICT conference again here in Doha. Babs

    • jturner56 said

      Thanks Barbara
      Know about Keystone Academy, as two of our educators are also going there. I think the school is doing its recruiting well when I see this caliber being hired. Best of luck. John

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