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Digital Age Education Manifesto

Posted by jturner56 on December 20, 2013

Let it be known that digital enhances cognition. The Digital Age is upon us and our education systems have much to do. We are all on a digital journey that can enhance learning.

Will we seek to sustain barricades that defend limited perspectives, or help design and connect through imagination, consideration and dedication to human potential for good? The present defines the future we wish to create.

There are those who will attempt to thwart any hope for a better future beyond that under their control. Many are gatekeepers. They may not be lacking in intent or belief, but can limit imagination and possibilities. Some may use lack of engagement to cloak deficiencies.

Some feel increasing irrelevance and may lash out. There are also those whose negative inclinations can be enhanced by digital power. Be wary of commercial and political interests, who even with good intentions must suffer the mask of duplicity. Be wary of future sellers who profess to be future builders. Restrictions can be circumvented by the personal and connected power of digital.

Everyone deserves opportunities to use a personal digital device to learn through inquiry, communication, collaboration, connection and creation of knowledge. Learning that is personalised, not individualised. Learning for personal empowerment. Learning for the greater good.

Stand firm for a better future. Digital can help transcend intransigence and human limits. Education has always been a key, but at no time more so than now. Be balanced. Seek passion over busyness.

Teach to look beyond. The future belongs to those with the courage to make it. Creation tools have never been more powerful. Design and help create the communities and future we want.

…and a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year one and all


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