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Digital Techs…add value to learning…or do they?

Posted by jturner56 on November 5, 2013

In the vein of encapsulating the essence of what one is about, be it a school, program or person, I wish to provide my short response to the question: How do digital technologies add to learning?

In a nutshell

Digital Technologies personalise and can empower learning 

Some practicalities

  • they aid reflection (try redrafting without a computer)
  • they facilitate learning feedback loops (from Logo to today’s adaptability needs for the Google toolbar)
  • they enable What…If testing (from Spreadsheets to problem solving)
  • they put media manipulation potential in personal hands
  • they extend connections (global, social….)
  • they extend data manipulation (be it in conjunction with memory or categorising)
  • they support careers and life skills (from artist to financier and all in-between)
  • they help meet Digital Age curriculum needs (from researching and inquiring to digital concepts)

Any more…like to hear about them.

Of course this is an ongoing conversation with context, cultural and beliefs to consider. But a worthwhile journey if schools and formal education wishes to stay relevant.


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