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A new school year is a time for building, renewal and recommitting

Posted by jturner56 on August 4, 2013

As the long break draws to a close it is time to take stock and get ready for what will be my 30th year as a school educator. Each year I look to build ideas, structures and connections that can provide learning of value. I have been fortunate to be allowed to take on digital challenges since my earliest years in the mid-1980s. The Digital Age is a time of great challenge and opportunity; new learning and evolution while committed to social and cultural respectability. It is up to us educators to do justice to this.

This year’s specific challenges for me will include

  • promoting the value of Philosophy as an integral part of Digital Age education. Inspired by Daniel Dennett’s Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking, which drew on Computer Thinking and Evolutionary Thinking and tools for critical reflection, I support the importance of developing questioning abilities, purposeful analysis of information in overloaded environments, connected community-based learning, and purposeful creativity based on system and conceptual understanding as cornerstones of quality Digital Age education.
  • As part of this self-reflection and learning goals communicated and connected are important components that can be supported by well-organised and directed personal learning digital folios.
  • Finally, looking to build on digital learning infusion to clarify digital learning / literacy value and values. In schools this can be seen in attitudes and approaches to assessment, reporting, support and leadership. Core questions to be explored include: what learning is value, how is such learning valued, and for what ends? But there are wider considerations as well, such as lifelong learning in times of unprecedented rates of change, new literacies that need to embrace adaptability and personalization, digital creativity and digital citizenship.

In your school is digital integral or an adjunct?

Are we with digital where medieval times were with the printing press in the late 16th century when it comes to issues of control and contested truth?

I will have more to say on these an the year unfurls and practical examples emerge.

It’s great to be an educator.


One Response to “A new school year is a time for building, renewal and recommitting”

  1. Each school year is a new beginning – part of the reason education as a profession is so appealing – refreshing changes and new little people to engage and motivate – once again an inspiration to read your thoughts and words. Hope you had a great summer. Babs


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