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Digital Literacy Thought

Posted by jturner56 on February 3, 2013

In Google+ I came across David Wees question “At what point do we stop talking about ‘digital literacy’ and recognize that people who cannot apply their literacy in digital situations aren’t really literate any more?”

See for it and some interesting responses.

My response received a ‘technical error’ send back, so I am publishing it here:

If we think of ‘digital literacy’ in superficial terms akin to reading literacy re those who can read and those who can’t read then we will continue to limit our conceptual understanding, and miss the depths of  literacies for a future  we should as educators be supporting our young to achieve. This is about what value and structures we wish to systematically apply to formal and informal learning. We have both a long way to go, and are already there when it comes to DL. Confusing times indeed.


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