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The Big Ideas of Digital Learning

Posted by jturner56 on January 28, 2013

As we prepare for a curriculum mapping examination of our curriculum offerings I was inspired by Wiggins and McTighe’s (2006) Understanding By Design to reflect on what constitutes the big ideas of Digital Learning (DL) (in support of our Digital Learning Infusion approach).

Here is my first attempt, which very much invites reflection and reaction to help refine and validate.

Big Idea 1: DL is built on 1 and 0
An understanding of binary mathematics underpinning programming logic would help one be a digital age builder.

Big Idea 2: DL will change
Moore’s Law points us towards an unprecedented rate of technological change that requires adaptation and presents opportunity. Already through multimedia, the web, social media and so much more.

Big Idea 3: DL is both personalized and connected
One’s personal identity embraces choice, but learning in the digital age cannot be unitary. It effects and is effected by human and non-human connections

Big Idea 4: DL provides an extension to human capacities
Whether one sees this as through controllable tools, personal constructive potential, or hybrid human-machines digital technologies can extend human capacities.

Big Idea 5: DL requires new learning dynamics
Traditional transmission learning structures are insufficient for learning in the digital age (some would say pre-digital as well). New learning to add value from new information dynamics, handling ever-changing operations, being a digital age citizen, and problem solving are being re-defined by the core mechanics of the digital age.

Big Idea 6: Learn from the past as we prepare for an always unforeseeable future.
From Socrates to Newton to Dertouzos we are always learning pertinent lessons from our past while subjecting ourselves and our environments to critical appraisals.

Do we pay enough respect to this in our curriculum designing?

Add, argue or just reflect. But please contribute.


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