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The value for learning in curriculum mapping

Posted by jturner56 on January 20, 2013

Back for a new year and thinking about how three things fit together

  1. How technology supports deep conceptual learning (arising from reading Peter Rillero and Helen Padgett’s Supporting Deep Conceptual Learning With Technology (From T.H.E. journal 01/15/13)
  2. Planning for the Curriculum Mapping days at the school in mid-February, which involves Skype planning with Maree Alcock from ASCD
  3. How Understanding by Design (Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe, 2005) impacts on the above two.

In summary key points arising included

  1. “Technology can help educators move students’ focus away from rote memorization toward deep conceptual learning by building on prior knowledge and making connections between concepts.”
  2. Schools and teachers need to see their educational responsibility as beyond just skills/concept transferal if education is to be truly valued
  3. The importance of the ownership (within teachers as well) and clarity of the essential / key questions that students take on to learn.
  4. Educators must continually ask “where is the evidence?”, “what value in it?”, “what do we learn from this, and from this what next?”

Putting this together, curriculum mapping/planning/processes, and the inclusion of learning technology in these processes, needs to be framed in a structure that

  • provides clear learning objectives that promote deep learning (not superficial “coverage”)
  • maps as a processes committed to progress and value. Melds the individual with the community to the extent possible.
  • in linked to objective evidence enabling progressive reflection for improvement

How well are we as educators doing this? This is the perennial question for educators.

The question of mapping might start in terms of bureaucratic responsibility, but needs to move quickly to learning value across the community.

It can be evaluated against the 3Ps > Purpose, Progression and Partnership


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