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Social Media in Schools

Posted by jturner56 on October 22, 2012

Been awhile. School can chew time like few other places. But it is always important to take time to sit and think whenever possible. In this vein last week we managed some time contemplating what Social Media meant to our school and it’s leaders. Working with Peter Sutton at KaiMing Consultants all our senior administrators considered that school’s position, needs to move forward, and issues relating.

From my perspective there were three offerings arising

  1. that a school’s social media considerations are at least as important as it’s traditional web offerings.
  2. the importance of social media as a dynamic set of interactions requires senior administration oversight and leadership.
  3. Social Media as a window into and beyond a school impacts on the complex interactions between parents (portals, personal data and value added), students (individual identity, diversity of experiences and expectations), teachers (see students), curriculum (learning value added and evaluated) and school leaders (communication protocols, efficiency and effectiveness of structures and empowerment/response handling)

It all this the level of school positiveness and honesty remains its strongest bulwark.

As I read Brian Dixon’s Social Media for School Leaders (2012) and it’s 16 of consideration…

eNewsletters Ning YouTube School Web Site
 FaceBook Email  ePortfolios  OnLine Surveys
 Twitter  Google+  Online Presence  Classroom Portals
 LinkedIn  Mobile Devices  Internet Safety  School Leaders Blog


… I realized that for a school to move forward professionally with social media it needs to

  • include pd structures for school decision-makers, that feeds into
  • treating social media at a level commensurate with curriculum, parent management and IT integration, and that
  • this needed whole school consideration in fast-changing times

Just like the introduction of computers and the Internet, will this be treated as yet another technology ‘add-on’, or considered as part of the need for whole school evolution?

PS.. interesting that Dixon’s book includes some things not under consideration at our school and neglects others. A sign of the complex interplay between social media and particular school environments with fast-developing mediums.


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