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School Education isn’t broken while innovation, risk-taking and problem-solving flourishes

Posted by jturner56 on September 17, 2012

Having read several articles that could be sub-titled, why education is broken, I hereby share four in-school experiences from this past week that show that rather than broken, school continues to be environments moving forward supporting and supported by innovation and risk:

  1. D.E.A.D. days (that is Drop Everything And Design) provided students with a whole school day to pursue Design projects that support them being efficient, effective and innovative in their use of digital technologies. As part of the formal IB MYP Design technology studies, these projects show what possible when a balanced approach to timetables includes dedicated days.
  2. Double Dayz are Teacher Learning sessions for all teachers that repeats the session so that all teachers can participate.
    Our first Double-Dayz will be:
    (1) Blended Learning
        focused on Moodle skills and pedagogy
    (2) Flipped, Flattened and Designed
        using design thinking for teachers to produce rich media learning support for project-based-learning
  3. Students setting up their iFolios as part of their MYP studies to share reflections, publish evidence of learning, and seek teacher, peer and wider audience feedback.
  4. Our annual review of our use of learning technologies is using Moodle to enable teacher input and discussion. As part of this critical friends (teacher volunteers) are providing stimulus input. By knowing what’s going on through collaborative, open sharing a better report can be provided for decision-making.

While we have ideas, commitment and a willingness to create better futures education can never be classified as broken.

Let’s continue to work on possibilities rather than get bogged down by shortcomings.


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