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What educational researchers are saying about digital learning

Posted by jturner56 on August 27, 2012

As part of my summer readings I came across the EduSummIT11 report (
 which reported on the “role of ICT in 21st century learning.” Interesting insights spread across eight papers, which included the following:

  1. calsl for radical restructuring of school
  2. digtechs have change the way students socialize, communicate and learn
  3. drivers for progress = capacity building, group work, instruction, systemic solutions
  4. there is a need to recognize the increasing importance of informal education
  5. a key is to give more control to students and empower them as decision-makers
  6. obstacles to effective teacher development include lack of consistent, relevant vision, poor match between provision and needs, exclusion of significant voices, misalignment between policy statements, institutionalized cultures, and failure to successfully harmonize context, policy, practice and research
  7. Digital Literacy is increasingly recognized as critical for participation in a technology and knowledge-based global society. It should be embedded with and across the other 21stC skills and core subjects
  8. digital tools and collaborative environments have enhanced learning from emphasis on reproducing to content creation and sharing
  9. ICT applications such as Web 2.0 tools, multi-user virtual environments, and augmented reality can contribute to development of ‘21stC Skills’
  10. new technologies have changed the representation and codifying of knowledge and how this relates to learner’s mental models
  11. ICT provides new knowledge representations that are dynamic and unstable as technologies evolve
  12. rapid growth and change in technologies leave teachers and learners struggling to keep up with functionality and educational potential.

These insights are being used to support ideas and initiatives as we implement our Digital Learning Infusion.


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