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What is your belief that drive you as an educator?

Posted by jturner56 on June 4, 2012

An interesting discussion with Gary Stager ( last week (on the educational merits of iPads) led to an insight into the importance of beliefs in our educational technology endeavours. I have always admired Gary for his consistency and clarity and when he provided this basis – “constructionist computationally-rich practices” – it struck me that this was a strong reason why.

So I reflected on what my core belief was and came up with “learners constructing connected meaning within supportive curriculum constructs.” Granted, not as clear as Gary’s, but reflecting my belief in curriculum (and schools) and the importance of social / connecting contexts. Finding balance in what can appear as an unbalanced world is central to this.

So I put the challenge to you, what is the basis of your beliefs that drives your approach to educational technologies? As we discuss answers I believe we may learn more about the possible, the probable and why at times it all appears so confusing.


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