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It’s a vision thing

Posted by jturner56 on April 25, 2012

I was going to title this, It’s the vision stupid in deference to Bill Clinton and the hope that some politician would say a similar thing about education. But in the end I chickened out and titled it after The Castle: “It’s just… the vibe”.

Vision. It’s the core of the Digital Learning Infusion White paper statement that was shared with the CDNIS community this week. Already I have had several significant discussion arising from this as teacher, departments and the school as a community seek roadmaps to make better learning technology related decisions.

I can also share a poster that sums up the vision, the initiatives, questions we need to be constantly asking ourselves.


Let me finally say that  Jabiz summed it up so well in his Intrepid teacher blog:

“We need to move beyond (hahahaha) all these discussions of tools and what tech is or isn’t and move to something John was talking about — what is the vision? The vision should be based on what we what our schools to be and how and what we want our students to learn. When we nail the vision, we will have the Holy Grail (If there truly is a Grail to be had). I said it more than once during the two days — there is NO MAGIC PILL! If there is a magic pill, it is learning itself — nothing more and nothing less.”

Thanks Jabiz


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