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A return to blogging

Posted by jturner56 on March 26, 2012

I write this post as someone who is returning to personal blogging after a considerable hiatus.

  1. To be able to update my personal window in a form I work with (see
  2. To link professional blogging with my personal world view (see
  3. To try and put forward, share, and reflect on my teaching and learning ideas (which previously would be more an academic offering)

I know the Internet is full of CRAP (Communications Righteously Advancing Personal views only) and I don’t want to add to this. So this blog will try to focus on finding the balance needed for today’s school to meet competing and at times conflicting demands in fast changing and politically charged times.

Why blog then

  • because whatever is published is out-there anyway and thinking should reflect this
  • if I’m calling on my students and fellow teachers to extend their thinking, writing and discussions into digital domains I need to support this
  • to quote Joseph Heller “Every writer I know has trouble writing”. One can but try.

My starting point, and bedrock; as should be the case for any educator, is the basis for my ideas and thinking – my learning philosophy


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