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    New School Year This year doing more on Resource-Processes-Personnel work, but still within context of how can we best support student learning in schools through digital means (with a new title: Director of Digital Innovation )

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      cLearning OneDoor = DigServices + DLI + Vision

      dLearning Digital Literacy

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      sLearning Student Digital Ambassadors

      pLearning iPad and 1:1 laptop integration as Personal Learning Spaces

      aLearning active Project-Based-Learning through MYP Design and PYP Digitime



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edtech plj Lesson Six

Posted by jturner56 on September 25, 2009

6) To support edtech one needs to understand what you believe in and what other belief systems are at work in your school

As I prepare for the start of a new school year in a new school I have been thinking about what I will be telling teachers about why they should support student use of digital technologies. I know there will be a range of teacher views, including those who see it as nothing more than an unreliable tool, and a defensiveness against those educators who promote digital technologies as the harbinger of a redefinition of, and revolution in, learning and school.

In my case I have more practical considerations to work with. To this end I will be promoting the value of digital technologies to

  1. engage students more deeply in personal and subject learning
  2. foster creative work through purposeful use of digital tools
  3. widen constructive audience feedback
  4. foster higher-order thinking through meta-cognitive decision-making and reflection
  5. introduce and embed digital skills and understanding in support of 21st century learning skills documented as of learning value.

I have a range of project examples and curriculum possibilities for those who want to see.


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