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  • 2017-18

    New School Year This year doing more on Resource-Processes-Personnel work, but still within context of how can we best support student learning in schools through digital means (with a new title: Director of Digital Innovation )

    Building digital learning opportunities

      mkLearning Coding+RoboLab

      cLearning OneDoor = DigServices + DLI + Vision

      dLearning Digital Literacy

      tLearning Teacher Digital Learning, including SUNY

      sLearning Student Digital Ambassadors

      pLearning iPad and 1:1 laptop integration as Personal Learning Spaces

      aLearning active Project-Based-Learning through MYP Design and PYP Digitime



      Google Educational Apps

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edtech plj Lesson Three

Posted by jturner56 on September 14, 2009

3) The isolated teacher, for whatever reason, limits the learning that can be achieved
We should be using edtech to benefit all students. Therefore all teachers should be included even if their views do not coincide. Diversity of opinion is a strength according to James Surowiecki and The Wisdom of Crowds (2004) providing the conditions are set right. Conversely, although the historical view is of the lone teacher working in their classroom kingdom, in this day and age such perceptions should be an an anathema. Connected learning, corporate knowledge and collectivist intelligence require a united approach, nowhere more so than in schools.


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