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Flat Classroom Conference, Qatar January 24 – 26 2009

Posted by jturner56 on November 6, 2008

Just went through the 50 minute video keynote that Julie Linday and Vicki Davis have produced (see to explain the Flat Classroom Conference that will be held in Qatar in late January (see

Apart from giving many reasons to be involved in Flat Classroom projects as part of 21st Century education, and reasons to be there at the Conference, the keynote details the educational rationale and structures that go with Web 2 thinking and delivery.

In summary, the essential elements of educational growth in these fast changing, technology-linked, complex times are (1) Food for thought (2) Time to Think (3) Encouragement (4) Mentoring & (5) Achievable Goal Setting. All of which come together in Web 2 facilitated teaching and learning opportunities. You should know more so as Jack Elliott used to save, “Let’s go to the video”

Well worth the 50 minutes as an educational learning opportunity.

Hope to see you at the Conference.



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