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    New School Year This year doing more on Resource-Processes-Personnel work, but still within context of how can we best support student learning in schools through digital means (with a new title: Director of Digital Innovation )

    Building digital learning opportunities

      mkLearning Coding+RoboLab

      cLearning OneDoor = DigServices + DLI + Vision

      dLearning Digital Literacy

      tLearning Teacher Digital Learning, including SUNY

      sLearning Student Digital Ambassadors

      pLearning iPad and 1:1 laptop integration as Personal Learning Spaces

      aLearning active Project-Based-Learning through MYP Design and PYP Digitime



      Google Educational Apps

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What about Responsible Learning?

Posted by jturner56 on October 27, 2008

The latest Technology, Pedagogy & Education (Vol 17 No 3) covers research interest in self-regulated learning and the personalisation of learning. While addressing influences on online learning, community of learners, virtual communities, communities and social network sites, and Technology Enhanced Learning Environments (TELE) is it just another case of mis-targetting 21stC learning needs. As the research confirms, “education must change but the nature and direction of that change is uncertain”. There is no accepted general view amongst students, teachers and school managers. A bit like the economic issues facing us today. Where is the focus on developing Responsible Learners?


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